Auto Body Repair Shop Located in Mamaroneck, NY

About Our Business

S & V Auto Body, Inc. is a second-generation family-owned-and-operated business. Providing automotive services since 1964, we have established a strong, excellent reputation in the industry.

At present, Richard Lotito owns and manages our auto body repair shop. He is the son of the original owner, Vito Lotito. Richard has helped in making our shop a go-to place for people who are looking to get their vehicles back on the road.


Top-Quality Service

We pride ourselves on our quality work and quick turnaround time. Our experience in handling various types of auto repair needs allowed us to do every project right the first time.

Each of our work is carried out with unrivaled quality and attention to detail. With the top-quality service we provide, we are able to build good relationships with our clients over the years.

Our Core Values


At S & V Auto Body, Inc., we value integrity in all aspects of our services. We will stand behind our work at all times and assume full responsibility in everything we do.


To be successful in our business, we make it a point to be honest with our clients. You can be assured that your vehicle is always in good hands as we are truthful in delivering our services.